LepraDAO is now live, completing LEPRACOIN’s transition to becoming the first fully decentralized token.

Ownership of the LEPRACOIN token has been transferred to LepraDAO enabling you as a holder to completely change the tax distribution and tokenomics of the LEPRACOIN token.

Why LepraDAO

There are many tokens who claim community ownership, but…

☘️ Introduction ☘️

The one issue with the cycles currently is that I (the developer) control them — it is too centralised. Enter LepraDAO.

Lepracoin will be the first and only DAO governed token with tokenomics decided by the community every cycle.

☘️ What is LepraDAO? ☘️

I will transfer…

Lepracoin is introducing the concept of tax cycling to cryptocurrency. The token combines Reflection Yield, Burn, Liquidity Generation and Charity mechanics to make up an 8% transaction fee; but the amount of tax assigned to each of the above mechanics is variable.

The transaction fee is 8% and this will…

We are delighted to announce that we have just partnered with CryptoMonkey: https://twitter.com/DaCryptoMonkey

Crypto Monkey is a well know, trusted and respected cryptocurrency enthusiast with more than half a million followers. He is renowned for finding true gems early and we would like to warmly welcome him to the Lepracoin team.

☘️ Ar aghaidh agus suas cairde ☘️

We said we were bringing something completely unique, and here it is…

As the LEPRACOIN token and project progresses, the needs of holders, and the movement of the coin demand something more fluid in terms of tokenomics. The transaction fee is 8% and this will not change, but each cycle…

We are delighted to announce that we have just partnered with AIRDOGE so we can provide extra rewards to you, our early investors and holders: https://www.airdoge.finance/


There will be an AIRDOGE airdrop happening to you, our holders on Sunday 30th May 20:00 UTC.

What does this mean?

It means you will receive AIRDOGE tokens to your wallet as a reward for believing in us. AIRDOGE is a superb project with massive long potential. Just by holding AIRDOGE, you will also receive all of their future airdrops as well, so your rewards will continue to compound over time! 🚀

AirDoge will be airdropped to you proportional to the amount of LEPRACOIN you hold, so top up your bags before 20:00 Sunday 30th to get the most value from this gift for supporting us.

☘️ Ar aghaidh agus suas cairde ☘️


An Irish token, for lovers of Ireland and cryptocurrency alike. Introducing something truly unique…

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