AIRDOGE Parternship

We are delighted to announce that we have just partnered with AIRDOGE so we can provide extra rewards to you, our early investors and holders:

There will be an AIRDOGE airdrop happening to you, our holders on Sunday 30th May 20:00 UTC.

hat does this mean?

It means you will receive AIRDOGE tokens to your wallet as a reward for believing in us. AIRDOGE is a superb project with massive long potential. Just by holding AIRDOGE, you will also receive all of their future airdrops as well, so your rewards will continue to compound over time! 🚀

AirDoge will be airdropped to you proportional to the amount of LEPRACOIN you hold, so top up your bags before 20:00 Sunday 30th to get the most value from this gift for supporting us.

☘️ Ar aghaidh agus suas cairde ☘️